Autumn is Here

Autumn is Here

Monday, January 23, 2012

First TUSAL and Stitchy Updates

In honor of  Chinese New Year, I decided to set my preview picture of the chocolate buddha that I saw at the Jean Phillipe Chocolate Store at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.  

Today is the New Moon.  So according to Daffycat's instructions, it is the day to show off our Orts.  It sure doesn't look like much for January.  But I have to admit that some of those orts are awfully small. You can read more about this from Daffycat's blog.

So now I will show you what I worked on to create those orts.

First off is Namaste from Ink Circles.  This is the Crown Chakra.  It really such beautiful colors.  I particularly love purple so that makes it even better.

Now all of the red that you saw in my Ort jar, came from The Stitchers 12 Days of Christmas by Sue Hillis Designs.  This is a SAL that Debbie from Debbie's Corner and I are stitching.  I need to get a bit further along yet for this month so I will give another update on that at the end of the month.

And now a picture of my Lil Bit as she was helping me to get things together for several projects.

But I can't say that she is the only kitty that helps me with my stitching.  Tony was sitting beside me on the chair not long ago while I was stitching.  He was sleeping away.  Then I saw this paw slowly coming toward my table and the threads that I had lying loose there.  I had to tell him...No Tony.  You can't have that.  And he slowly moved his paw back.  About 30 seconds to a minute comes the paw again...very slowly.  Again...No Tony, you can't have Mama's thread.  And he moved his paw back slowly.  A bit of time went by and there was that paw again....moving very slowly.  I had to tell him...No Tony, you can not have Mama's toys.  By now, my honey was watching also and laughing.  Tony pulled his paw back and gave a big sigh.  He then laid down and went back to sleep.  So tonight I will show a picture of my two babies together.

One last mention for today is that today was Rene Rusk's birthday.  Rene passed away January 9th 2011 and has been missed tremendously.  I think of her often and can often hear her talking to me about my stitching and what I need to do.  May you rest in peace and know that you are loved and missed by many.

Until next time.......Goodnight!


  1. very sweet stitching..lovely orts..
    aww cute kitties..
    love for you xxx

  2. I love the purples too and the photos of Lil Bit and Tony.

  3. I love the chakra and purple is my favourite colour too.
    12 days is looking good!

  4. The Crown Chakra is amazing!!! And your babies are so nice!


  5. Beautiful colours. Love the kitty story.

  6. the chocolate looks too good to not want to touch

  7. Namaste is really pretty. Nice progress on your WIPs.

    Rene certainly is missed.

  8. Lovely pieces you have in progress there!

    LOL! That's too funny about your kitty :o)