Autumn is Here

Autumn is Here

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been an unusual day for me.  Wednesday...the day before Thanksgiving.  I had the day off from work and was doing some normal prep work for the holiday.  It will be just my small immediate family for dinner tomorrow and I wanted to do some of the work today with hopes of also stitching today and tomorrow.  Well today it did not happen.  Recently, I joined a page on Facebook called Pa Dutch and Proud.  Now although I am not Pa Dutch, I did grow up in an area that had a large population of Pa Dutch.  So, of course I have been thinking of Pa Dutch foods.  I decided that I would make a Shoofly Cake. Not the Shoofly Pie.  My confidence level is not up there yet since my grandmother made the best ones.  Then I made a loaf of bread to use for the stuffing tomorrow.  I was surfing on Facebook while the bread was baking and was pm'd by a friend from my childhood.  I really hadn't had a conversation with her in probably close to 20 years.  We did get to catch up a bit tonight and it felt great.  The ironic thing is that she has been in my thoughts a lot in the last week.

I have had a bit of sadness in my thoughts today also.  Thanksgiving Day this year...November 28th was my Aunt's birthday.  She passed away on Memorial Day of this year.  I am still in shock that she is gone.  But I am thankful that she didn't suffer very long.  She was like a mother and a friend to me after my mother passed away.  We had many good times together.  

Well it is late and I guess what I really just wanted to say is.........

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends here in the States!  

And to everyone else....I hope you have a wonderful week.  

And the pictures are from the Venetian/Palazzo hotel/casino lobby.  Their fall display was also showing how they are going Green.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey!!

Ok, I have come out of lurkdom to wish Cathey of Pumpkin Patch and Co fame a very happy Blogoversary.  I know I am late but heck, I haven't blogged in almost 10 months, so what is a few days!  So, honor of Cathey's blogoversary, I am going to show pictures of some cross stitch that have pumpkins on them.

 This one was a travelling pattern.  I don't usually like these more primitive style patterns but I just fell in love with him when I saw it.
 This one to the right is the very first giveaway that I won.  Kati from Thread, Thoughts and other Notions sent this to me.

This one below took me a while to do it because I started it right around Halloween one year and then put it down until the beginning of the next Halloween season.  I still have yet to frame or finish it.  

 And I absolutely love this one of Cat O'Lantern from Springberry Creek.
 And here we have a small one that was actually supposed to be for a sweatshirt but I just decided to stitch it on 28 count instead of 10 count waste canvas.  I think it looks pretty with the pumpkin lights.

This one is a box that I stitched for a friend's birthday.  It is the four seasons but you can see the pumpkin for fall.  

And this last one is a box that I made for a personal exchange with a friend.  It was such fun to stitch.

Cathey, I hope you enjoyed my little blog of pumpkins just for you!  Thank you for bringing me out of lurkdom and maybe, just maybe, I will start blogging again.  Just remember that whether I blog or not, you and your family are in my thoughts.  Give Junior a hug for me.....he is one handsome little one!!  

I will end with one other pumpkin picture.  This one is of my pumpkin helping me.  I hope you enjoy. 

Sharon from DaffyCat came up with this wonderful idea of having a pumpkin fest for Cathey's blogoversary.  Thanks Daffycat for a fun time!!